Citroën C-ZERO Citroën's full electric vehicle


100% Electric

An electric car designed for urban driving: compact, quick-charging and with plenty of range for your day-to-day journeys. The ultra-modern Citroën C-Zero is environmentally friendly, amazingly cheap to run and great to drive. Swish quietly around the city and savour the silence.



Comfortable in the city and outside

With a top speed of 130kph and a range of about 150km, Citroën C-ZERO is ideally suited to most everyday trips. And with just an accelerator and a brake pedal, it could not be easier to drive. When you turn the ignition key, the beep is the only sound that tells you that the engine is running.

Citroën C-ZERO is also able to recharge itself. When decelerating, the motor works like a generator, converting the vehicle’s own kinetic energy into electric power that charges the battery. An indicator permanently shows how much energy you are consuming or generating, so that you can adapt your driving style in order to charge the battery more efficiently.

Citroën C-ZERO is not only easy to drive, but it is also very economical and can be parked free of charge in many towns.


C zero Perf


Full electric

Zero co2 emissions when in motion!

You can forget about service stations! Citroën C-ZERO is driven by an electric motor that generates 49kW (or 67hp EEC). It is powered by a 16kW/h lithium-ion battery that generates enough electricity to power the motor, the air conditioning and the heating system.

When connected to a regular 220V 16A domestic power outlet, the battery charges in just 6 hours, and the charge time is cut to just 30min (80% charge) when connected to a special terminal delivering a 125A monophase current.

Citroën C-ZERO’s battery is located under the floor between the axles in order to lower the centre of gravity, offer greater protection in the event of an impact and maximise the room inside the cab.