May 6, 2021



  • The 3 rd  generation C3 has surpassed a landmark one million vehicles produced since its launch in late 2016.
  • With more than 4.5 million units produced since 2002, C3 has confirmed its seductive power and its status as the best seller around the world.
  • This commercial success is illustrated by its presence in the top three best-selling models in its segment in 2020 for major markets such as France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Slovakia, and Bulgaria.
  • C3 stands out for its distinctive modern design and unrivaled on-board comfort. These features were reinforced in 2020 with the adoption of Advanced Comfort seats and a new front end full of personality, as well as a strengthening of its customization potential. With nearly 97 possible exterior combinations, each client can build their own C3, a unique C3 that will not look like any other 999,999.

The 3 rd  generation Citroën C3 has just reached the one million mark in terms of vehicles produced at the factory in Trnava, Slovakia. Launched in November 2016, C3 gave a new impetus to the Brand by ushering in a new stylistic identity that can now be seen on the range’s current models and confirming the promised of comfort that is a true signature for Citroën. This is an offer full of personality that has been crowned with success, as C3 ranks among the top 7 major actors in its market in Europe in 2020. It is even among the top 3 best-selling models in its segment for major markets such as France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Slovakia, and Bulgaria.

This commercial success confirms its status as the Brand’s best seller. A versatile city car and a symbol of “love at first sight”, the 3rd generation Citroën C3 has many assets. To keep this success story going, Citroën adapted the vehicle in 2020, by reinforcing what makes it so different and appealing: a unique attitude inaugurating the Brand’s new front end identity, more customization options, benchmark comfort, and a host of modern equipment that are genuinely useful on a daily basis.


Immediately recognizable, C3 has a unique attitude, a distinctive graphic signature and a truly unique morphology in a highly stereotyped market. With a modern and protective look, C3 is unlike any other vehicle in its segment, standing out thanks to its colorful personality.

At its launch in 2016, C3 was the first model to offer its customers such comprehensive and coherent customization options at the core of the market. That feature would become a marker of Citroën’s positioning compared to the rest of the range. In 2020, new C3 further increased options for customers seeking vehicles that match their own visions, offering nearly 97 possible exterior combinations. Customization allows each customer to fully express their personality and style with exterior looks ranging from trendy to discrete and the opportunity to jazz up a classic color with a contrasting roof color and / or colorful inserts. Every client can build their own unique C3 unlike any of the 999,999 others.

In short, C3 is the most customisable car in its segment thanks to its:

  • 7 body colors: including 2 bright new colors – Elixir Red and Spring Blue – in addition to the existing colors (Perla Nera Black, Steel Gray, Platinum Gray, Soft Sand, Polar White).
  • 4 Color Packs: or colorful inserts including Airbump ®  and fog lamp surrounds, with the Anodised Emerald color option now available in addition to Black, White, and Red.
  • 4 roof colors: including the trendy Emerald Blue color (in addition to Opal White, Onyx Black, Aden Red). Roof colors matching the color of the wing mirrors and the quarter panel trim.
  • 3 roof decors: with graphic themes (Red, Techwood, Emerald) in the form of stickers on the roof capsule and the quarter panel trim.

The seductive power of Citroën C3 is also reflected in its rich sales mix, symbolizing a “love-at-first-sight” purchase by its 1,000,000 customers:

  • 41% of orders were for the up-market version
  • 65% of sales were for two-tone options
  • 68% of sales included the Airbump

To celebrate the event, from the 7th till the 17th of May 2021 (that’s 1,000,000 seconds), we are offering FREE COLOR CUSTOMIZATION when ordering your New C3.


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