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Vehicles for transporting people


Citroën offers several vehicles suitable for transporting your professional customers or groups of people. Citroën Grand C4 SpaceTourer, Citroën Grand C4 SpaceTourer Business Lounge, Citroën SpaceTourer Business, or Citroën Berlingo are designed for traveling in complete comfort.


Private driver or taxi, VIP transport company or shuttle dedicated to key accounts, Citroën SpaceTourer Business Lounge meets your expectations by offering high-end comfort. It now exists in an electric version for even greater comfort and peace of mind with noiseless and zero emissions driving.


The Citroën SpaceTourer van offers an interior with unparalleled comfort thanks to its seats equipped with Advanced Comfort technology and its suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Stops. Citroën ë-SpaceTourer benefits from all the advantages of SpaceTourer in 100% electric mode such as the choice of silhouettes (3 lengths available) allowing up to 9 people on board, the ultra-modular interior, the 15 technologies for calm driving and the height of 1.90 m allowing access to all car parks.


Avec ses 7 places, Citroën Grand C4 Spacetourer offre tout le nécessaire pour accueillir les grandes tribus. Pour une conduite et un voyage encore plus agréable, le monospace 7 places met le confort au centre des préoccupations familiales grâce à sa praticité et sa polyvalence. Ses nombreux rangements et sa modularité sont adaptés aux activités de toute la famille. A bord, les sièges dotés de la technologie Advanced Comfort, offrent un maintien et un moelleux optimal pour tous. Passez rapidment de 5 à 7 places et de 645  à 704 litres de volume de coffre.




A pioneer in MPVs since 1996, Citroën Berlingo offers, in addition to high-level comfort, exceptional modularity thanks to its individual seats and a wide range of exterior colors. Rear accessibility, facilitated by its two sliding side doors, and its habitability, are among its many advantages. In size M, Citroën Berlingo has a large trunk volume capable of reaching 775 liters with a size of 4.40 m long, and up to 1,050 liters in size XL with a length of 4.75 m. Go from 5 to 7 places in the snap of a finger! It is also available with an electric motor.