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Citroën plug-in hybrid range


Increased performance for your comfort

With the Citroën plug-in hybrid, enjoy the comfort of electric mode for your short daily journeys and the combustion engine for long journeys.

Thanks to the electric motor coupled to the combustion engine you obtain smooth driving, a cumulative power of 225 HP and instant acceleration.


Taste ë-comfort

Benefit from suspensions with progressive hydraulic stops®, Citroën Advanced Comfort® seats and all Citroën driving assistance technologies.

Add to this the absence of vibration, the silence of the electric, great ease of use.

You are then encompassed in a bubble of comfort and serenity never equaled.

The best of electric and thermal

In electric mode, thanks to daily recharges, enjoy increased performance, instantly available engine torque and clear, silent acceleration.

When you want to escape, the gasoline engine will simply take over.

Experts for your plug-in hybrid

Although your plug-in hybrid Citroën is more technological than a thermal vehicle, the pace of its maintenance does not change.

Entrust the maintenance of your Citroën plug-in hybrid to specifically trained experts throughout the Citroën network.

Reduce your co2 emissions
Plug-in hybrid technology has a CO2 emission level of 32 g/km (WLTP). By driving in electric mode, your hybrid emits no CO2 emissions.
Save money every day
The plug-in hybrid engine allows you, with daily charging, to considerably reduce your fuel costs on your journeys.
Optimize your consumption
With an average consumption of 1.4 L/100km (WLTP), your hybrid car provides you with significant savings in consumption compared to a thermal version.
Brake to charge
Your hybrid partially charges when you brake or decelerate. You thus regain autonomy without thinking about it.


Electric mode

Benefit from all the advantages of driving electric: silent driving, without CO2 emissions. This mode, ideal for the city, is activated by default when your hybrid starts.

Hybrid mode

Let yourself be guided: depending on your driving style and the type of road taken, you alternate between electric and thermal mode. Your hybrid adapts to guarantee optimal use of electrical energy.

Sport mode

Take advantage of all the power of the thermal engine, assisted by electric energy. Acceleration, braking: enjoy yourself comfortably seated in your plug-in hybrid.

Comfort mode

In addition to Electric, Hybrid and Sport driving modes, C5 X Rechargeable Hybrid benefits from Comfort mode. It offers additional flexibility thanks to Citroën Advanced Comfort® Active Suspension.

Recharging your hybrid every day: nothing could be simpler

  • Private charging: Whether you are in an individual house or in a condominium, a specific installation for your vehicle is easy to set up. Citroën has chosen 2 partners to support you in choosing and installing the charging solution best suited to your needs.


  • Public charging: When you travel, you can easily find charging solutions near your work or daily activities.


  • Long journeys: Major European routes also have accessible charging stations on your route.

Services to make your hybrid life easier

  • Free2move eSolutions: Locate compatible charging stations for your hybrid vehicle anywhere in Europe.
  • MyCitroën: You control the autonomy, charging and thermal preconditioning of the vehicle remotely from your phone, thanks to remote e-commands.


Suitable for the majority of daily journeys, C5 Aircross Plug-in Hybrid offers smooth and dynamic driving with a 180hp or 225hp thermal engine, and an 81.2 kW (110hp) electric motor for a combined power of 225hp and combined torque of 360 Nm.

Ideally placed on the central console, the selector allows you to choose the driving mode: Electric, Hybrid or Sport.

C5 Aircross Plug-in Hybrid offers a range of up to 64 km/h, silent, vibration-free and environmentally friendly driving with zero CO2 emissions up to 135 km/h in electric mode.


C5 X renews the large touring segment with an original style synthesizing the elegance of the sedan, the dynamism of the station wagon and the elevated posture of an SUV.

Available with oetrol or plug-in hybrid engines, C5 X expresses modernity, status and innovation.

Delivering 225 hp, hybridization provides the pleasure of driving up to 63 km in ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) mode, a range in electric mode suitable for the majority of daily journeys, up to 135 km/h.

While making your usual trips, you can go a week without using the heat engine. You recharge C5 X according to your needs, at home, at work or at a public terminal. For the weekend or the holidays, you have the leisure to travel far, without worrying about recharging. The thermal engine, economical and efficient, then takes over.