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Citroën Ami One Concept


Since 1919, the history of Citroën has always reflected its times, with non-conformist and revolutionary vehicles that have become iconic. On the occasion of the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, the Brand unveils its approach to urban mobility and intends to make it accessible to all.


Citroën Ami One Concept is the vision of freedom in the city "By Citroën": #LibertyElectriCityMobility! It combines all the benefits of 100% electric with a bold, colorful design and great ease of use, all in comfort and practicality.

Accessible without a license, it meets all types of “à la carte” uses, from car sharing to rental. Thus, and as the 2 CV was in its time, Ami One Concept advocates freedom of movement for all and carries with it all the potential of an urban and popular icon.

*Born Citroën


Ami One Concept benefits from a cubic silhouette and ultra-compact dimensions (2.50 m long, 1.50 m wide, 1.50 m high), thus offering an impression of robustness, agility and record maneuverability. Made for the city, it also comes with protections at the 4 corners of the bodywork. Style markers, these Airbumps® include colorful Out Of the Blue spots.


Modern, Ami One Concept adopts an expressive front face enhanced by an elegant Y-shaped lighting signature reminiscent of that of the CXperience concept. Thanks to their floating structure, its indicators/DRL add a touch of finesse. Its Clockwork Orange color as well as its 2D logo affixed to the center of the black surface energize its look.


Ami One Concept offers a clever design, with symmetrical parts: identical doors on the right and left with reversed kinematics (opposing door on the driver's side) or elements repeated on the front and rear faces, bottom of the bumper, wings and bottom of the box. It also has reversible right/left rear lights, while the 4 parts forming the mirrors and door handles involve an assembly game with different assembly directions. Another strong marker: its discoverable configuration. Its roof is in anthracite gray canvas with manual opening. Its hood slides and unfolds in a single movement.


Ami One Concept offers freedom of use and is aimed at urban customers who may or may not have a driving license. It is accessible to everyone from 16 years old (14 years old in France). Citroën imagined Ami One Concept as an alternative to public transport and other means of individual transport (2 wheels).

*Born free


Ami One Concept offers a 100% electric driving mode that is both environmentally friendly and less expensive to use. It travels up to 45 km/h without emitting CO2. It benefits from 100 km of autonomy, which allows it to make numerous trips in the city. Connected to a public charging station or Wall Box, Ami One Concept can be easily recharged in 2 hours via its electric cable. A silent model, it is also safe for its external environment: it has its own sound signature. Since the European regulation of 01/01/2019, all electric vehicles must emit an artificial sound to alert nearby pedestrians.


A 100% connected object, Ami One Concept places the smartphone at the heart of the man-machine interface. Access on board is via a smartphone: its locking and unlocking is ensured by reading the QR code present on the aluminum base of the door handles.

Once the Smartphone is placed in its dedicated area, the dialogue between Ami One Concept and the driver can begin. The animation of the chosen application appears in the form of a bubble and is projected into the driver's field of vision, like a heads-up display. The driver can thus, from his smartphone, access his personal space and a range of services.

Ami One Concept interacts from 2 buttons located on the steering wheel: a voice command to call the assistant and a scrolling menu of applications. On the right side of the Drive POD, a cylinder also houses the start push and the automatic gearbox selector.

* Born smart


Connected object, Ami One Concept goes even further by offering new modes of consumption. The dedicated application offers several car sharing or rental options, with a portal for associated services (charging, parking search, etc.). It thus meets all the travel needs of customers, responding to their different types of uses (occasional or regular). The application allows you to use Ami One Concept by adjusting its duration of use at any time, without commitment and all-inclusive.

Customizable according to each person's mobility needs, the car sharing or rental offers can also respond to a loan for 5 minutes or 5 hours (via Free2Move), 5 days (Citroën Rent&Smile), 5 months (short term), than transforming into a rental offer over 5 years (long term).


Within the passenger compartment, on-board space and functionality are valued. The driver's seat (on slide) and the passenger seat (fixed) are arranged asymmetrically, to offer space and ease of movement to the occupants. The storage spaces are cleverly distributed, with every nook and cranny being exploited.


On the passenger side, Ami One Concept offers a storage area that can accommodate cabin-size luggage or a handbag. At the rear, a tray accessible thanks to the folding driver's seat can also accommodate luggage specially created for Ami One Concept by Damien Beal.


The derivative products that have been designed for Ami One Concept reflect its promises, as well as its colors:


- # RUN: a windbreaker developed in partnership with the French brand BACK TO ALASKA

- # DRIVE: a key ring in the shape and material of the door handle

- # PLUG: a charging cable compatible with IOS and ANDROID

- # CARE: a silicone cell phone case developed in partnership with the BONE brand

  - # CHARGE: an origami solar miniature, made in partnership with the French company LITOGAMI

- # PLAY: a collectible metal miniature at 1/43 scale