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Citroën Cxperience


On the occasion of the 2016 Paris Motor Show, CITROËN is unveiling the CXPERIENCE concept car, the latest in the “Be different, Feel good” spirit. Its extraordinary silhouette and aerodynamic lines reinvent the codes of the high-end sedan... And this is also seen inside with a global approach to comfort!


With CXPERIENCE CONCEPT, CITROËN powerfully expresses the spirit of “Be different, feel good”. Its extraordinary silhouette, 4.85 m long, 2 m wide for a roof measuring just 1.37 m, illustrates the brand's desire to mark its difference in the high-end sedan segment.

The chevrons and their double chrome bar stretch to the lights accentuating the width of the vehicle. Attention is therefore particularly focused on the "V" daytime running lights which give it a technological look made up of thin 3mm wide blades, in the gap of which the indicators are elegantly integrated.


The interior of CXPERIENCE draws its influences from contemporary architecture and decoration. An innovative design expressed in form and horizontality, from the seats to the dashboard. The high-end materials used are adorned with a very energetic citrus yellow hue.

The CXPERIENCE seats are made from a warm covering with a quilted effect. Just like the dashboard, the backrests are cut from elegant walnut wood which gives the whole thing a very architectural look.


Walnut wood, geometric "water green" fabric, dark leather with an unstructured design, citrus colors, soothing brightness... The interior of CXPERIENCE CONCEPT is crafted using spaces and materials that embody the expression of the Brand in the territory of high-end and comfort.

If the notion of comfort has always been closely linked to Citroën, “Citroën Comfort” has become a true signature of the Brand. Today it integrates a more global dimension and criteria as multiple as brightness, habitability, ergonomics and even connectivity.


The challenge of the CITROËN ADVANCED COMFORT Program aims to put all the components of the automobile at the service of well-being and peace of mind, at each stage of design.


Acoustic and visual comfort, high-end seating, lounge feel, feeling of conviviality and driving comfort... CXPERIENCE CONCEPT was designed to create a real bubble of well-being, for all passengers! The concept also stands out with an intuitive man-machine interface, designed to ensure digital continuity between the driver and passengers via their digital worlds.


CXPERIENCE is welcoming, comfortable and hyperconnected... A true intuitive human-machine interface designed to ensure digital continuity between the driver and passengers via a multitude of digital equipment. 19'' panoramic screen in 16/3 format, connected services, smartphone, connected tablet as well as a brand new sharing application, "Share with U", which will allow you to exchange any type of file (music, games, videos. ..) with his traveling companions.


And since automotive well-being comes first and foremost through driving pleasure, CXPERIENCE CONCEPT puts technology at the service of the driver experience. Its plug-in hybrid powertrain combines efficiency and effectiveness over time by developing exceptional dynamic performance thanks to its 150 to 200 hp gasoline engine and the energy generated by the 80 kW electric motor.

CXPERIENCE CONCEPT can also drive 100% electric for a range of 60 km in urban use and limit its consumption on the road by alternating the two energies. AND on highways, the thermal engine will take over to offer a cumulative power of 300 hp and compete with the largest sedans.