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All the ingenuity of a friend with a loading volume designed for the zero-emission micro-mobility of professionals

My Ami Cargo arrives in 6 countries in Europe. It provides a unique solution to the needs of professionals.


My Ami Cargo responds to the new logistics challenges of local service companies, delivery people, traders, craftsmen, liberals and administrations or industrialists. My Ami Cargo is the utility, electric, ultra-compact and economical mobility solution, designed in particular for last mile logistics for entrepreneurs, combining all the benefits of AMI and an optimized and modular loading space.


My Ami Cargo offers an innovative interior layout, with a loading volume of 400 L, a dividing wall between the driver area and the loading area, a modular top shelf that can form a mobile office and a 2-level flat floor. It has a range of up to 75 km and a maximum speed of 45 km/h.


My Ami Cargo will be sold online with associated offers and services accessible to all professionals.