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  • Citroën C3 Aircross SUV has been updated with a fresh new look and more Advanced Comfort features.
  • Customers now have a choice of 70 colour combinations and exterior styles for ultimate personalisation.
  • New C3 Aircross SUV gains an entirely restyled front end, paired with enhanced practicality and versatility.
  • Ride comfort is improved with the addition of new Advanced Comfort seats, while upgraded interior technology and 12 driver aids improve well-being and safety. 
  • New C3 Aircross SUV is available with a range of efficient and high-performance PureTech petrol and BlueHDi Diesel engines.
  • New Citroën C3 Aircross SUV will arrive in UK showrooms in June 2021

With 330,000 vehicles produced since its launch at the end of 2017, C3 Aircross SUV has proved very popular in the highly competitive B-SUV segment. From launch, customers have been impressed by its ultra-customisable and unique design, and by its spaciousness and unrivalled practicality. 

Showcasing the importance of personalisation, the majority of current C3 Aircross SUV customers have opted for high-end versions, with the 'Shine Plus' trim level now accounting for 75% of UK sales. Offering real versatility in use with its compact exterior dimensions and generous cabin space, C3 Aircross SUV is an ideal vehicle for motorists with active lifestyles – particularly those looking for more comfort and practicality from their vehicle day to day.  


Now, for the summer of 2021, New C3 Aircross SUV has been restyled with a distinctive new look, even greater in-cabin comfort, enhanced personalisation options and more features for customer peace of mind. 


"New Citroën C3 Aircross expresses modernity and originality with a true SUV attitude, featuring unmatched roominess and modularity, and technologies that make everyday life easier. We wanted to capitalise on these strong points, creating a more mature vehicle in the expression of its design and extra comfort on board. Its face has been updated radically with a more angular and assertive front-end, and the new seat construction reinforces the well-being experience inside the vehicle. New C3 Aircross ticks all the boxes of an SUV "by Citroën" and has all the assets to continue its commercial success." Vincent Cobée, Chief Executive Officer, Citroën 





New C3 Aircross comes with a more assertive SUV-like design, a spacious interior and a dominating stance due to its raised ground clearance and large wheels. Its appearance is underpinned with lower-body and wheel-arch protection, front and rear skid plates, and stylish roof bars. New C3 Aircross SUV is now more self-confident and mature, featuring a more premium look that is consistent with evolving customer expectations in the segment.  




New C3 Aircross SUV features an entirely redesigned front face. Inspired by the CXPERIENCE concept car – and first introduced on New C3 in 2020 – it represents Citroën’s new design language, with a bold and unique identity.  


The improved front end design features a new LED headlight signature, while the chrome-trimmed chevrons have been updated, extending out towards the LED lights – similar to the look on New C3 and New C4. Featuring LED lights as standard, New C3 Aircross also sports a new grille with a brand-new geometric pattern and a new aluminium-grey skid plate with coloured inserts that enhance the model’s sturdy appearance. A higher-set bonnet is the final design change at the front. New C3 Aircross boasts an impressive look that instantly sets it apart in the B-SUV segment. 




The personalisation possibilities with New C3 Aircross SUV have also been upgraded, to satisfy every customer need.  


There are now 70 exterior combinations in total, made up as follows: 


  • New C3 Aircross is available with seven different body colours. Three are new for 2021: 'Khaki Grey', 'Voltaic Blue' and 'Polar White'. 

  • Customers have a choice of four Colour Packs, including two new colour themes playing on higher-end textured effects: 'Anodised Orange' and 'Anodised Dark Blue'. The Colour Packs comprise original and eye-catching coloured inserts on the leading edges of the front skid plate, on the door-mirrors and on the rear quarter-lights. The quarter-lights are also home to a new graphic signature in which the distinctive coloured louvres are supplemented by new cube-shaped designs according to the Colour Pack selected – a mirror-chrome louvre effect (chrome quarter-light decor) for the 'Shiny Black' and 'Anodised Dark Blue' Colour Packs, a white cube effect for the 'Polar White' Colour Pack, and an orange cube effect for the 'Anodised Orange' Colour Pack. 

  • A choice of three roof colours: monotone (body-coloured), white or black. 


New C3 Aircross SUV is available with new 16 and 17-inch diamond cut or full black alloy wheels that feature a completely new design.  



The personalisation upgrades continue inside. New C3 Aircross SUV is available in the UK with three ambiences, each with its own separate identity:  


  • The standard ambience has grey seat decor, combined with a textured grey dashboard for a pure and clean look.  

  • The 'Metropolitan Graphite' ambience combines a graphite leather-effect material with a flecked grey fabric, alongside a strip on the upper part of the seat backrests and a dashboard strip in flecked grey for a cosy and modern look. 

  • The refined 'Hype Grey' ambience features grey-green leather and black leather-effect fabric, a grey-green leather dashboard strip and strips on the upper backrests with a chevron motif. 

Both the 'Metropolitan Graphite' and 'Hype Grey' ambiences feature Citroën’s distinctive new topstitching, which is unique to the segment. This topstitching was first introduced on New C4 and ë-C4. 






New C3 Aircross SUV makes customers feel like they are at home by further enhancing in-car comfort through the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme. 

In addition to class-leading ride comfort, New C3 Aircross SUV offers even greater comfort when travelling with its new Advanced Comfort seats – an innovation first seen on C4 Cactus and C5 Aircross SUV. Available with the 'Metropolitan Graphite' and 'Hype Grey' ambiences, Advanced Comfort seats improve perceived comfort in four ways: visual comfort, initial comfort, postural comfort and dynamic comfort: 


  • Visual comfort is all about appearance, and comes in the form of unique padding and distinctive Citroën stitching that gives an immediate visual impression of soft and cosy cushioning. 

  • Initial comfort is provided by an insert of an extra 15mm of foam, boosting comfort and support. The difference is noticeable immediately when you first sit down in the car. 

  • Postural comfort is characterised by the reinforced support offered by the broad and generously sized seats. 

  • Dynamic comfort makes longer trips more comfortable through the use of a high-density padded section in the centre of the seat alongside thicker, more structural foam. 




New C3 Aircross SUV keeps all of its predecessors’ class-leading versatility and spaciousness. With its compact body length of 4.16m, New C3 Aircross features unrivalled cabin space in the segment.  


Boasting outstanding interior space, with exceptional rear leg and headroom for the segment, New C3 Aircross SUV offers unparalleled versatility thanks to a rear bench seat that can slide longitudinally by 150mm. Featuring a 60/40 split design, both parts can be moved independently for added practicality. A flat-folding front passenger seat is also available that gives New C3 Aircross SUV a maximum load length of 2.40m – ideal for transporting particularly long objects such as items of furniture and sports equipment. Boot volume can be increased from 410-litres to 520-litres with the rear bench placed in its forward-most position. Up to 1,289-lites is available with the rear bench fully folded down. 

Another key strength of the interior is its exceptional brightness and airiness, thanks to the amount of glass around the cabin and the optional panoramic opening glass sunroof that lets the light flood in. 


New C3 Aircross SUV is even more functional than before, thanks to a new central console featuring a large storage space at the rear that can be accessed by both the front and rear passengers, and closed with a sliding shutter.  


Storage spaces are laid out conveniently for all occupants, including a small tray in front of the front seat passenger, cup holders built into the folding central armrest on the rear bench, pockets on the backs of the front seats and numerous storage areas at the bottom of the central console. 




New C3 Aircross SUV is equipped with useful technologies for even more serenity and safety at the wheel. Depending on the version, it features a new, larger 9-inch touchscreen for improved interaction, clarity and practicality. The new, higher-quality screen highlights the Citroën Connect Nav functionality, along with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay™. Wireless smartphone charging and Citroën Connect Assist are also available.  


New C3 Aircross SUV comes with up to 12 intuitive driving aids that simplify everyday life and make each journey easier and safer. Safety technologies, depending on version, include a colour head-up display to keep useful information in the driver’s line of vision, speed sign recognition and recommendation, Active Safety Brake and automatic high/low-beam headlights. New C3 Aircross SUV is also available with equipment that simplifies daily life, such as keyless entry and start, Park Assist and the Citroën brand's Top Rear Vision reversing camera, which displays a clear image of the area behind the vehicle on the touchscreen.  


Finally, to underline its SUV nature and to effortlessly handle most types of terrain, New C3 Aircross can be equipped with Grip Control® with Hill Descent Assist – a system that enables drivers to deal with challenging weather and road conditions. The system enables the driver to adjust the car's front-wheel traction depending on the terrain, and to maintain a safe speed when descending hills, even on steep inclines. 


New C3 Aircross SUV is available with a range of efficient PureTech petrol and BlueHDi Diesel engines.  


From launch, the following four configurations are available: 

  • PureTech 110 6-speed manual 

  • PureTech 130 6-speed automatic 

  • BlueHDi 110 6-speed manual 

  • BlueHDi 120 6-speed automatic  


New C3 Aircross SUV arrives in UK showrooms in June 2021. 



  • Length: 4,160mm 

  • Width: 1,760mm  

  • Height: 1,640mm 

  • Wheelbase: 2,600mm 

  • Boot volume: 410-lites to 520-lites, and up to 1,289-litres