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Berlingo unique features

Assertive design

New interior and exterior styling for extra modern flair.

Improved comfort

Exclusive Citroën comfort thanks to Advanced Comfort® seats

Modern connectivity

On-board system for easier life on board

Perfectly spacious

3 individual rear seats and clever storage areas

3 levels of equipment


2 sizes


X engines


5 bodyshape colours



Berlingo, your simple choice starts at XX XXX€ or XX€/ month*

3 levels of equipment

2 sizes

X engines

5 colours


Berlingo, your simple choice starts at

XX XXX€ or XX€/month*

Berlingo is available with 3 levels of equipment


Starting from XX XXX € or XX €/month*


ë-Berlingo PLUS equipment



Exterior design :

  • 16'' steel wheel with TONGARIRO wheel covers
  • Front Foglamps + Ecoled Headlamps
  • Side protective strips
  • Pack Color White
  • 1 sliding door with opening window


Interior & Infotainment :

  • Urban Grey trim
  • 10'' central touchscreen
  • Wireless  Apple CarPlayTM & Android Auto
  • 1 USB charge Type-C and 1 USB Data Type-C  
  • Multi functions steering wheel controls
  • Bench 1/3-2/3 Row2


Comfort & Safety :

  • Driver comfort seat with armrest
  • Air conditioning
  • Foldable passenger seat
  • Automatic wipers (rain-sensing)
  • Automatic & Intelligent beam headlights
  • Active Safety brake
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Electric parking brake
  • Cruise control and limited speed control


Charging Solutions :

  • Paddles for regenerative braking
  • Single phase 7,4kW on board charger
  • Mode 3 charging cable (Wallbox)



In addition to YOU +X XXX € or + XX €/month*

ë-Berlingo MAX equipment 

(in addition to PLUS)


Exterior design :

  • 16’’ STARLIT Onyx Black alloy wheels
  • Roofbars
  • Bodycolor rail cover
  • 2 sliding doors with electrical window
  • Dark tinted rear windows



Interior & Infotainment :

  • 10'' screen HD color digital cluster
  • Heated Leather steering wheel
  • 3 individual seats in Row 2


Comfort & Safety :

  • Top Rear Vision
  • Automatic air conditioning
  • 4 automatic (one-touch-up) windows (row 1&2)
  • Electric foldable mirrors
  • Opening window in tailgate
In addition to MAX +X XXX € or + XX €/month*

ë-C3 MAX XTR equipment

(in addition to MAX) 


Exterior design :

  • 17’’ TOPAZ diamond-cut alloy wheels
  • Pack Color Infra Red
  • XTR badge
  • Front and rear Bumper with Skidplate




Interior & Infotainment :

  • XTR Trim with Advanced comfort® seats
  • Chiné Bleu Decoparts on Dashboard & Door Panels




Berlingo is available in 2 engines

Engine 1
Until 345 km
Engine 2
Until 339 km
*Pending homologation test results
*legal text

Exclusive features

The iconic Berlingo, just better in every way

Berlingo is available with an electric engine.

Assertive design

Discover its new, more modern and powerful design, which showcases the new Citroën style identity at the front end and a new dashboard inside, as well as new options for colours and materials. 

Improved comfort

Increase your on board comfort with Citroën Advanced Comfort® seats that reinforce the side supports to ensure perfect support in all circumstances.

Modern connectivity

Enjoy more practicality with the latest-generation connectivity: 10-inch touchscreen, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and smartphone induction charger.

Perfectly spacious

Enjoy the easy and pleasant on-board experience thanks to 3 full rear seats, 27 storage areas and opening rear window.

Available in XL version, up to 7 seats

Offering modularity at the highest level, the latter can accommodate two additional optional seats in row 3.

Buy it Online or Instore

Buy your vehicle online in just a few steps or go to your local dealer close to your home.


Choose your version, color and options or select a vehicle in stock.


Select your favorite dealership., a payment method (cash or monthly) and registration options.


Fill the required personnal information, validate and pay safely online.


Your Citroen dealership will contact you to welcome you as Citroën owner and inform you about your car delivery.

Shipping options

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Payment options

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How do I order online?


On this website , you are able to review our offers and personalise an offer to suit your needs and if you would like you can continue to order online.

You can personalise an offer by configuring the car for example choosing from the available paints, engines, interior trims and options.

You can personalise the finance settings by adjusting the term, mileage and cash deposit levels. Please note that currently this website only offers the ability to order online with Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance through Stellantis Financial Services UK Limited, the official finance partner of Citroën UK. However other finance options are available and you can discuss these with any of our Citroën retailers. 

Once you have personalised the offer to suit your needs, you can choose to continue to order online, save it so you can review it later or send us a request for assistance and we'll get in touch to help.

If you would like to order online you will need some key pieces of information in order to complete the process. You will need to have handy your driving licence, bank information and employment details. This information is required to apply for finance. 

The online process can take between 20-30 minutes and there is help available along the way via phone, email or live chat.



I have a question about Ordering Online, who can help me?


Our Online Sales Support Team are available 8am-8pm Monday/Friday and 10am-4pm Saturday/Sunday/English Bank Holidays.

Please call on 0800 042 2255, Email: or through Live Chat.

Our network of UK Retailers will also be happy to assist. 



What finance options are available online?


PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) is currently the only available finance option on this website.

Other finance options are available but currently only through our network of Citroën retailers.



What is PCP finance?


PCP means Personal Contract Purchase and is a way of financing a vehicle purchase.

With Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), you can purchase your vehicle with a deposit, monthly payments and, if you wish to own the vehicle at the end, a balloon payment (also know as the Guaranteed Future Value). Since you won’t have to pay for part of the car until the end of the contract, this gives you additional flexibility.



I currently own a car. Can I use it as a part exchange?


If you currently own a car you may want to part exchange this for a new vehicle.

On this website , we are able to give you an estimated valuation for your current car for guidance purposes only. 

However, our network of Citroën retailers will be able to assist you further with your current car and, after inspection, give you a firm valuation for your current car.



If I order online, how long it will take for me to get my new car?


During your online journey, we will show you an indicative lead time to build one. However, we do have stock of certain vehicles and may be able to offer you an earlier handover if that is convenient.

If you need a very quick delivery, please contact us and we can explain what vehicles are currently available. Or you can always contact our network of Citroën retailers.


What happens if I want to make a change to my online order?


If you want to make any changes to your order, please contact our Online Sales Support Team who are available 8am-8pm Monday/Friday and 10am-4pm Saturday/Sunday/English Bank Holidays on 0800 042 2255 or or through Live Chat.

Or contact your selected retailer directly.


How do I find my local Citroën Retailer?


You can find the contact details of your nearest Citroën Retailer on the Online Store Locator as you progress through your online order.

Or, you can find them directly by clicking here.  


Who is supplying my new vehicle?


Please see the Citroën store Terms and Conditions here at the bottom of the page that will explain the roles of the different partners in the order online process. But your order will be placed with your prefered Citroën retailer.



How to use a promo code?


To use a promo code, on CItroën Store, simply pick the model and trim that you're interested in, personalise it the way you like and then go to the Order Summary page by clicking Continue. On the Order Summary page, you'll see a box labelled ADD A PROMO CODE. Simply add the code you've been given into this box and then click on the Apply button to receive the discount.

Note - only one valid Promo Code can be applied to an Order.

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Extend your peace of mind with our wide range of services.


With Citizen, stay calm after purchasing your vehicle. this service program has been designed to make all your moments of life with your Citroën easier.

Citroën Flexcare

Get peace of mind with our range of contracts to suit your driving style.

Transversal Roofbars

Transversal roof bars increase your loading capacity and make it easier to transport large objects.

Removable Tow Bar  with Tow Ball

The hitch allows you to safely tow trailers, boats, caravans, professional equipment, etc. Thanks to its tool-free removable ball joint, you can easily remove it in a few seconds.

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