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Comfort and ease of use of Citroën utility vehicles


For 100 years, Citroën has been inspired by you to create innovative and original utility vehicles, which offer each passenger unparalleled comfort. Driving comfort, ease of use, modularity, on-board comfort and storage space. For business trips that are as comfortable as possible.


At the forefront of comfort

Designed to offer unparalleled comfort and well-being to each passenger, Citroën Advanced Comfort® optimizes ergonomics and reduces the mental burden. Road inputs are filtered and noise pollution reduced to create a feeling of calm, while the interior offers elegance and functionality. Journeys are seamless and worry-free, and intuitive technology puts convenient and unique features at your fingertips.


Citroën utility vehicles offer optimal driving comfort, whatever the road conditions, thanks to their high driving position, their smooth gearbox, their suspensions and their acoustic insulation. The front seats of the Berlingo Van and Dispatch models have been ergonomically designed to provide generous space and a comfortable driving position. They are adjustable in height, at the lumbar level.



To maximize the space and functionality of Citroën Jumpy, Moduwork® offers a loading partition and a folding side passenger seat. This allows the loading length of Size XL models to be extended by up to 4 m. For added safety, a protective net has been added to the driver's side.

Extensive cabin®

Available on the Berlingo Van model, the Extenso® Cabin can transport 3 people and increase the length and useful loading volume. To increase the loading length, the side passenger seat folds away, freeing up 3 meters of length in Size M and 3.4 meters in Size XL.


Mobile office

The Citroën Berlingo Van cabin has been designed as a mobile office, making it easy to work on the go. Each van has space for you to comfortably work on your files or your computer and is equipped with a power supply via a USB socket.

Clever storage spaces

Citroën vans are designed to meet the demands of professional life. That's why you'll find plenty of clever storage space for everyday gear and valuable tools. Large door bins, a large storage box under the passenger seat, a glove box, cup holders mounted on the dashboard, its large overcab: space for everyday objects.

Hands-free sliding side doors

Practical, ingenious and unique on the market, the hands-free* sliding side doors allow you to open and close the side doors without contact and are available on the Citroën Dispatch model. Simply pass your foot under the corner of the rear bumper to unlock and automatically open the side door on the side you are on. * This feature is only available on the Citroën Dispatch model


An exclusive innovation

An overload indicator warns you if your vehicle's payload is exceeded.