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Citroën utility vehicles


When purchasing your new van, Citroën offers you a wide range of utility vehicles. Choose from the many silhouettes and dimensions, the model that will best support you in your daily professional activity.


Citroën Berlingo Van is available with efficient thermal engine, or electric (100kW 136 hp engine).

It is available in 2 lengths: M of 4.4m and XL of 4.75m and offers a loading capacity of up to 4.4m³.

There are two new versions: Driver and Worker, and has 19 driving aids to facilitate your professional activity.


Citroën Dispatch exists in an electric version (100 kW (136 hp) engine) and in a diesel version (100 hp to 180 hp). It is available in 3 sizes (XS, M or XL) and 3 versions (Cityvan, Worker and Driver).

It has 16 driving aids and practical features such as hands-free sliding side door opening and moduwork (allowing you to transport long objects up to 4 m).


Citroën Relay is available in panel van, cab chassis, double-cab chassis and cab floor versions. 4 lengths are possible, 3 wheelbases and 3 heights. It has a Best in Class width, sliding side doors with a width of up to 1.25m and 11 driving aids.

It is available in diesel (120 hp to 165 hp) or electric (96 kW (120 hp) electric motor) with a choice of 2 ranges: 200 km (WLTP) available on the L1, L2, and 340 km (WLTP cycle) models. Available on the L2S, L3 and L4 chassis-cab silhouettes.


Citroën offers you a wide range of transformed vehicles:

  • “Turnkey” utilities specially adapted to the requirements of your activity and available in stock,
  • “A la carte” utilities, to be configured according to your specific needs.


These transformations are developed with certified bodybuilder partners, and each transformation is checked before final delivery. You choose the volumes, dimensions and equipment, Citroën takes care of the rest.