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Citroën utility vehicles and professional vehicles for your work


Citroën offers you a wide range of vehicles that can meet all your professional needs: Utility vehicles, Business Range, Special-purpose vehicles or transformed vehicles. You will inevitably find the one that is best suited to your work.


Citroën offers you a whole range of utility vehicles.


With a maximum loading volume of 4.1 m3, Citroën Berlingo stands out for its habitability and modernity.


Robust and easy to handle, Citroën Jumpy is a utility vehicle with comfort close to a minivan.


Citroën Jumper offers 8 van silhouettes, ranging from 8 to 17 m3.


Citroën helps you choose from its wide range of business vehicles.


Whether you are craftsmen, liberal professions, small and medium-sized businesses, rental companies, leasing companies or major account customers, Citroën Professional has developed a network of Business Centers for you.


Specially dedicated to professionals, whatever the size of your company, our teams are at your complete disposal to find a response adapted to your concerns. Take advantage of our personalized services now!


Compact city car, comfortable sedan, 5 or 7 seater minivan, your mobility needs are carefully studied so that your business trips are always synonymous with pleasure and efficiency, with efficient engines and technology on board.


Whether you are a driving school, taxi, VTC, personal transporter or specialized in medical transport?

Your vehicle is your main work tool. Citroën takes into account your expectations and the specificities of your profession to deliver a ready-to-use vehicle!


Each profession has its own uses and needs, whether in the distribution, services or construction sectors.


This is why Citroën offers you a complete catalog of vehicles adapted to the specificities of your profession. You choose the volumes, dimensions and equipment, Citroën takes care of the rest!