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AG2R Citroën team


A major partnership in cycling

For more than 100 years, Citroën has created a fabulous story with its customers in their daily lives and their mobility. In January 2021, alongside AG2R LA MONDIALE, Citroën became a co-partner sponsor of Vincent Lavenu's team. This partnership with the new and unique signature “Let’s ride together” carries strong messages. In 2022, Citroën is renewing the entire fleet with new vehicles.


A popular brand

Since its creation, Citroën has always been a popular brand, close to people. Cycling perfectly embodies this proximity: it brings together a very large number of people, of all ages, in many countries around the world. It is therefore very natural that Citroën became involved in cycling.


The historic partner of the Vincent Lavenu team

AG2R Prévoyance, then AG2R LA MONDIALE, has been working alongside Vincent Lavenu and his team for 24 years. By associating Citroën as a co-partner, it opens a new chapter in the history of the team which, since January 2021, has been called AG2R CITROËN TEAM.


A French team with an international dimension

The AG2R CITROËN TEAM is made up of 29 cyclists of 9 different nationalities: 17 French, 5 Belgians, 1 Luxembourger, 1 Swiss, 1 Italian, 1 Finnish, 1 Austrian, 1 Australian and 1 American. It shares Citroën's values with its audience and cycling enthusiasts: audacity, performance and proximity. The recent partnership will allow it to take a new step in its development and perform in the biggest races of the World Tour.


An identity for the team

The creation of the new graphic identity of the AG2R CITROËN TEAM team was a founding act in the collaboration between Citroën, AG2R LA MONDIALE and Vincent Lavenu's team. Five months of work were necessary. The design of the jersey was not limited to a juxtaposition of brands. It represented a real challenge for the three parties who chose a strong, unique and remarkable graphic design in the peloton. It perfectly illustrates the shared audacity, the alliance and the ambitions of the partners.


To support the runners

AG2R CITROËN TEAM benefits from a brand new fleet of 26 vehicles that fully meets the team's needs in terms of interior space, comfort, efficiency and reliability.

This fleet includes nine Citroën C5 Aircross plug-in hybrids, ten Citroën C5 X plug-in hybrids and seven Citroën SpaceTourers.


A success on a sporting and human level

For more than 20 years, the training program of Vincent Lavenu's team has detected talents, trained them, helped them grow and helped them prepare for their future. It responds to 3 major issues: the well-being of athletes, the development of cycling and the success of the sporting project. Today, the sector is made up of:

  • AG2R CITROËN U19 TEAM, the junior team in Voiron in Isère;
  • AG2R CITROËN U23 TEAM, the hopeful team in Chambéry in Savoie.
  • A unique model, the training program allows the best French and international hopefuls to not have to choose between high-level sport and pursuing higher education.