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Since 2019, all new models launched by Citroën have been available in 100% electric or plug-in hybrid versions with the aim of the entire range being electrified in 2025. The Citroën Inspired by Pro strategy imagines tailor-made solutions to meet expectations. professional customers.

In a context of increasing urbanization, access to city centers and their zero-emission zones is a major challenge for your business.


Quiet and still just as practical!

Without compromising on the services that makes the Dispatch successful, New ë-Dispatch gives a new dimension to comfort and reinforces serenity for each entrepreneur:

● Autonomy: choice between two batteries: 230 km on WLTP cycle equipped with a 50 kWh battery, 330 km on WLTP cycle equipped with a 75 kWh battery

● Comfort: absence of vibration, noise and great fluidity of movement

● Driving pleasure in electric mode

● Freedom of access to regulated areas with CO2 emissions thresholds

● Payload volume identical to thermal versions

● Reduced cost per use


The electric compact van

New electric ë-Relay is tailor-made to meet a professional target who will choose the most suitable offer with:

● 2 levels of autonomy (up to 340 km in WLTP approval cycle) to ensure all daily missions, including in restricted areas

● 2 battery capacities 37 kWh and 70 kWh

● Journeys in ë-comfort mode thanks to its smooth driving and silence

● 4 lengths, 3 heights and 4 PTAC (total authorized weight) to support up to 4 tonnes

● A payload of up to 1890 kg (on the chassis cab)

● A loading volume of up to 17 m3

● Up to 9 useful technologies to make everyday life easier for entrepreneurs


The compact 9-seater electric van

New Citroën ë-SpaceTourer benefits from an ultra-modular interior, 15 technologies for peaceful driving and a height of 1.90 m.

● Ë-comfort: smooth driving and driving comfort linked to the absence of noise.

● Available in 2 autonomy levels (up to 330 km according to the WLTP approval cycle)

● Access to areas with low CO2 emissions.

2 versions for professionals

● SpaceTourer Business: 3 lengths, from 9 to 5 seats. Intended for passenger transport professionals (hotel shuttles, taxis, etc.) and configurable “à la carte”.

● SpaceTourer Business Lounge: 2 lengths, 6 or 7 seats (optional). It can become a real “mobile living room or office” with tinted rear glazing (cars with chauffeur, VIP transport, etc.).


New electric ë-C4 is positioned at the heart of the compact sedan segment with all the benefits of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® program for optimal comfort; qualities amplified by the ë-Comfort of the electric version.

● 136 hp (100 kW) engine, automatic with a range of 350 km2 in the WLTP cycle

For corporate customers, 2 over-equipped versions are designed to meet the needs of corporate fleets:

● Live Pack Business, including dual-zone automatic air conditioning, Citroën Connect Nav navigation on a 10” touchscreen tablet and reversing camera with Top Rear Vision.

● Feel Pack Business, which is full of driving aids including the Drive Assist Pack and the Safety Pack 2.


The “silent urban vehicle” plug-in hybrid

SUV C5 Aircross Hybrid has inaugurated ë-Confort: a new comfort experience with its smooth driving and quiet running and a plug-in hybrid engine offering 225 hp of cumulative power which combines technology, electrifying performance and competitive cost of use. A range of 55 kmi in 100% electric mode, CO2 emissions from 32 g/kmii, consumption from 1.4 L / 100 kmii to offer versatility of use and efficiency on a daily basis. All the comfort and modularity of the C5 Aircross SUV with its suspensions with Progressive Hydraulic Bumpers®, its Advanced Comfort seats, its 20 driving aids, its 3 individual, sliding, reclining and retractable rear seats and its Best in Class trunk volume .